# Onboarding

To get started quickly and get a unified working environment between teammates we've created an account setup process, a setup script called Laptop and these dotfiles.

# Account

When starting you will be assigned to a tutor, the tutor will:

  • Create a Google Apps email account.
  • Invite your Git account to GitHub Team.
  • Add your account to Slack Team.
  • Invite your Medium account to Harbur Cloud Solutions Publications.

# Laptop

Laptop is a setup script for Mac OS X for containers development. It should take less that 15 minutes to install.

This sets up all the necessary tools to run, compile, package and orchestrate containers.

# Text Editor

We use VS Code as a preferred text editor because it is open-source, extensible, and has an active community.

# Developing

# Version Control

For version control we use Git, for hosting the repositories we use GitHub.

# Technologies

The following is a list of the Core technologies we support:

# Blogging

We love to share the projects we do at Harbur, both open source and work for clients. One way to do it is in our blog.

The Harbur's blog platform is Medium. You'll be given access to be able to publish.