# How We Work

# Language

Our official language is English. All documents, code, comments, commits, emails, and any other written form of communication is done in English. The only exception is when the clients ask for delivering to different language (e.g. Spanish) and that only applies to their own deliveries.

# Time

We work using Scrum methodology in sync with Agile movement. During downtimes of projects we have "Investment time".

# Consulting

We make our money on consulting projects. Those projects start with sales and go through a normal flow of designing, developing, shipping, monitoring, and iterating. We should do such a good job for our clients that they will want to poach us, and be such a great place to work that we can be confident our teammates won't leave.

# Investment Time

Investment time is time for investment in ourselves, our company, and our community. Primarily this means doing something that interests us like learning a new programming language, contributing to open source, discussing interesting things, attending community events, or reading an educational book. The goal is to encourage individuals to improve and share their knowledge with the rest of the team.

We organize our investment work on the Investment Time Trello board.

Ideas during Investment time:

Here are some ideas that are more directly revenue generating:

  • Assist with sales.
  • Meet someone new or make an existing relationship stronger.
  • Contribute to one of our existing books or create a new one.
  • Create Training material for Platzi or Udemy.
  • Create on-site Training material.
  • Assist with an unreleased product.

Validating ideas, shipping, and getting to revenue generation as quickly as possible should be a priority. We shouldn't go weeks without results to show, and we should impose the same constraints and process as we do on client projects.

# Leads

Our leads normally come from referrals from clients and from meetup contacts.

We track each lead on a Trello card in the "Contacted" list on our "Sales" board:

# Design

For Design, we use tools such as SketchApp, SketchAppRocks, SubtlePatterns.