Install Harbur CLI

Harbur CLI is a tool to discover and use docker-compose and fleet recipes.

To install Harbur CLI follow the instructions provided in Harbur CLI repo.

A quick-start guide is to launch the following script:

In order to getting started with Harbur, the first step is to install the Harbur CLI:

curl -L > /usr/local/bin/harbur
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/harbur

To validate installation, run the following command:

harbur harbur/wordpress up -d

It should download the docker-compose recipe for wordpress and launch it locally (wordpress + mysql).

To check the port where wordpress is running do:

harbur harbur/wordpress port web 80

To stop the stack run:

harbur harbur/wordpress kill
harbur harbur/wordpress rm -v

Help screen

To check if installation is succesful you can try the following:

harbur --help

Harbur CLI tool - container stacks management with Docker Compose.


Download a docker-compose.yml and launch docker-compose command on it.
If docker-compose.yml is already downloaded it is cached at ~/.harbur/ directory
IMAGE is defined by 'namespace/repo:version'