Install CoreOS Fleet CLI

Fleet is a Distributed init System on CoreOS.

The client for fleet (fleetctl), can be installed on remote machines and they can connect with the cluster.

In order to install it in Mac do:

brew install fleetctl

In order to install it in Ubuntu do:

git clone
cd fleet
git checkout TAG_VERSION
sudo mv bin/fleetctl /usr/local/bin/

Note: Check your cluster’s fleetctl version to set the adequate TAG_VERSION.

To configure fleetctl, add the following content on the ~/.harburrc file

export FLEETCTL_TUNNEL=node1.cluster.local

where node1 is the cluster node used as Fleet tunnel and cluster.local is the domain used for your cluster.

Make sure to load the script on your .bashrc by appending the following line at the bottom:

. ~/.harburrc

to load it on your running terminal do:

source ~/.harburrc

NOTE: You need ssh access to that machine in order to be able to communicate with fleet.

To validate installation, run the following command:

fleetctl list-units

It should return a list of the loaded units in fleet.